Located in the heart of Bali, Subak Uma Lambing is a community of farmers dedicated to collaborative farming using sustainable practices and ancient knowledge – honoring our tradition, our way of life, our health and our eart

Subak Uma Lambing is a cooperative of 250 farmers located in Sibang Kaja, in the heart of Bali’s Gianyar region.

Overlooking the majestic Mount Agung, our land comprises 88 hectares of fertile land that has been farmed over multiple generations. 

Our Subak is part of a traditional water management system operating in Bali since the 9th Century, allowing us to share water and synchronize farming – creating harmony between humans, nature and God. 


For the Balinese people, farming is not just work, it is a way of life.

Every planting cycle is underpinned by the ancient concept of Tri Hita Karana – the 3 causes of wellbeing – connecting humans, nature and God. 

Each cycle begins with a blessing from Dewi Sri the Goddess of Prosperity. The beginning, middle and end of each harvest is honored with ceremonies at our Subak temple. 

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The laws of our Subak protect and preserve each piece of land. Gotong royong refers to the collaborative force of working together, to manage waterways and nature and protect the earth. 

We meet regularly to support to each other and our community, exchanging skills, sharing water supply, discussing crop varieties and farming practices. Our connection helps to ensure healthy farming practices and harmonious outcomes for all.


During the 1970s and ‘80s we and other Balinese farmers were subsidized to use hybrid seeds and chemical fertilizers to increase crop yields and achieve a surplus. This goal was achieved, but over-farming and the use of chemicals created adverse environmental and social consequences. 

Today Uma Lambing is returning to growing rice the traditional way – using traditional varieties, natural fertilizers and sustainable practices. With the success of each crop, more farmers are converting to eco-friendly farming to grow healthy produce and ensure the future health and prosperity of our land and people. 


We are experimenting with a number of nutritious and traditional rice varieties, with the goal of protecting Bali’s natural heritage and producing healthy food. 

Our plantings include:

  • Beras Merah – a naturally-grown heritage variety of red rice sourced from Jatiluwih in Bali
  • Beras Mangkok – a naturally-grown heritage variety of brown rice native to Bali 

These varieties are all produced in the natural and traditional way without use of chemical herbicides, pesticides or fertilizers. 

As well as rice, our Subak grows a range of vegetables, fruits, flowers and other produce.